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MMus (Reading, UK)
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Studio Policies

Getting Started

New parents and children are invited to begin the process of learning by way of an 8-week orientation course. The course consists of 8 consecutive weeks of 45min group classes for 4-6 students and their parents.

Brief outline of the 8-week course

Weeks 1 & 2
For Parents only: Topics of discussion include Summary of the Suzuki Philosophy, Note Reading, Technique and Keyboard Skills, Review and Previews, Role of Parents, Tips for Parents on Home Practice, Lessons and Group Classes, Lesson Observations.

Weeks 3 to 6
Group classes for students, with parents observing and taking notes.

Weeks 7 & 8
For Parents only: Topics include Character Development, Boundary-setting, Motivation, Culture of Studio, Recitals and other Performance Opportunities (monthly informal recitals, book recitals, annual studio recitals, festivals, competitions, workshops, summer institutes), Studio Policies, Q&A.

Upon completion of the 8-week orientation course, an informed decision may be made whether to proceed with continuing lessons and classes.

Attendance and Make-ups

During the school year, students and parents are expected to attend both a group class and a lesson weekly. There are lessons only in the summer, no group class.

Group class absences may be made up only when a spot opens up in a different class over the same week.

All lessons cancelled by me will be made up at a mutually agreed upon time.

Tuition is an access to a service, not an hourly rate. Tuition covers the lesson and class preparation time, recital organization, professional development, materials, and the purchase and maintenance of equipment. For this reason there are no refunds or make-up lessons for lessons missed by the student.

A swap list will be provided for parents to arrange any necessary lesson swaps. Parents are responsible for informing me in good time of any changes made.